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Poor Sienna was found as a stray and ended up at ACCT before being spayed and fostered by a third year student. She is a year old and is current on vaccines, heartworm negative, and on monthly preventatives. She just finished a basic obedience class and excelled in a basic agility class! She loves people and other dogs and she also loves cats, but probably too much for most cats' tastes (not to say she can't be taught). She has not spent much time with children but her foster mom reports that she loves them too, though her energy would probably be too much for small children. Sienna does have an issue with separation anxiety, but her foster mom is working very hard to address this. Sienna needs to find a forever home or another foster, ideally before May 7th. If you are looking for a very sweet dog with a lot of love to give, please contact her awesome foster mom Meghan at and include Sienna's name in the subject line.

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