Mari Lowe Center for Comparative Oncology Research

3800 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
The Mari Lowe Center for Comparative Oncology Research was established in 1994 as a result of an endowment from the estate of Miss Elizabeth Lowe. Members of the Mari Lowe Center represent all four departments of the School of Veterinary Medicine. The Center acts as a facilitator and works closely with other centers within the School and across campus to develop broad-based clinical oncology and interdisciplinary cancer research and training programs. Its ongoing mission is to develop a multidisciplinary program in oncology that exploits small-animal spontaneous tumor models for use in understanding basic mechanisms of cancer and their treatment. This program is envisioned to also develop diagnostic and treatment modalities beneficial to both animal and human patients. Components of the program include basic, translational and clinical research activities, and development of training programs in oncology.