Reference Andrology Lab

New Bolton Center – CAHP Bldg | 382 West Street Road Kennett Square, PA 19348-1692
Section of Reproduction and Behavior

The Reference Andrology Laboratory provides complete testing of neat, cooled and frozen-thawed semen from mammalian and avian species. The primary purpose of these services is to aid practitioners in their differential diagnosis of individual/herd/flock reproductive problems. These services are also frequently used by practitioners and studs as a third-party quality control component in an ongoing stud auditing process.

The laboratory strives to perform objective, validated techniques for assessing samples for the basic spermiogram parameters of sample volume, motility, morphology, and concentration. With advanced notification, we will also try to accommodate requests for supplemental assessment techniques on sperm subcellular structures. We also offer semen extender analysis and microbiological testing of the extended semen product.

Due to our caseload, we require that you contact us to schedule a submission date(s). Choice of tests to be performed on submitted samples is usually made prior to and in consult with one of the Theriogenologists on staff at Penn.

Please be sure to ship your samples to:

Reference Andrology Laboratory
New Bolton Center – CAHP Bldg
382 West Street Road
Kennett Square, PA  19348-1692



Our laboratory is a recognized educational member of the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (www.nccls.org). CLSI is a global organization that develops consensus documents as an aid in standardizing select clinical laboratory procedures. Our laboratory strives to abide by these standards.




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