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The Path to Expertise

The average time for completion of the program usually ranges from 7 to 8 years. The largest variable is the time needed to complete the PhD thesis research phase of the program. While we are committed to providing students with expeditious training, we do not believe that an abbreviated PhD thesis period best prepares our students for the future, because true expertise in a field can only be gained through rigorous training. We therefore provide extensive advising that enables students to complete the program as efficiently as possible, while maintaining a high level of scholarship.

In the beginning and middle stages of the program, students are equipped with the tools to embark upon their thesis research projects. This includes mastering several core scientific and medical disciplines, and choosing a biomedical focus for thesis research. Students develop hands-on clinical skills through their clinical rotations. The diversity of scientific and medical training in our Medical Scientist Training Program allows students to prepare for their futures in any of a wide number of disciplines.


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