Use of imipramine hydrochloride for treatment of urospermia in a stallion with a dysfunctional bladder

R. M. Oristaglio Turner, VMD; C. C. Love, DVM; S. M. McDonnell, PhD; R. W. Sweeney, VMD; E. D. Twitchell, VMD; P. L. Habecker, VMD; L. K. Reilly, VMD; M. A. Pozor, Med Vet; R. M. Kenney, DVM, PhD

    Of the available treatments for urospermia in breeding stallions, none has been consistently satisfactory. Evacuation of the bladder prior to ejaculation, although often difficult to accomplish, is important in managing breeding stallions with urospermia.  Orally administered imipramine hydrochloride reduced the frequency and degree of urospermia in a breeding stallion that was incapable of completely voiding its bladder.