Sample Collection & Shipping Instructions for Urine Tests

Please follow these instructions to test for Metabolic Screening, Fanconi Syndrome Screening, Cystinuria Screening, Methylmalonic Aciduria and Mucopolysaccharidosis (any type). You MUST send a urine sample. Aditionally, you may also send us a blood smear and a serum sample which can be informative but are not required. If you have further questions, please e-mail PennGen@vet.upenn.edu.

We are not accepting the manually filled submission forms anymore, so please make sure that you create an account for yourself, login into your account, fill in the animal details, select the appropriate test to obtain a Submission ID for each animal and then print it out and mail it along with the sample.

Urine Sample Collection

  1. Label a sterile plastic container with animal’s name and owner’s last name.
  2. Collect 3–5 ml of patient's urine (free catch or cysto) into the labelled container.
  3. Urine sample must be kept frozen until shipping.
  4. Please place the container in a Ziploc® bag or in a bubble wrap for protection.
  5. Complete the submission form and mail it along with the sample to the address mentioned on the submission sheet.
  6. The urine sample for these tests MUST be shipped overnight, ON ICE. Sending samples through the regular mail or without ice packs will cause the sample to degrade and may cause null conclusions to be drawn from the screen. If you are using USPS or other government run shipping service expect a delay in delivery (their expected delivery dates are not reliable). If you prefer a prompt delivery, we recommend using a private shipping service (such as FedEx, UPS, DHL).
  7. Urine samples MUST be shipped between Monday and Wednesday only. If you are collecting the sample between Thursday and Sunday, freeze it immediately after sample collection (at -20°C or lower), and ship it on next Monday. Also, please do NOT submit samples that will arrive on weekends, holidays or between Christmas and New Years Day.
  8. For international shipments, a customs declaration and proforma invoice must be filled out (see international shipping).

Blood Smear and Serum Samples (Optional)

  1. To run these tests, blood smear and serum samples can be informative, but are not required.
  2. To prepare a blood smear or to collect a serum sample please vist a Vet.
  3. Please place them separately in a Ziploc® bag or in a bubble wrap for protection.
  4. Ship them along with the urine sample.



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