Test your knowledge of Equine Behavior Based on the Previous FAQ's!

1. Which of the following statements are false?
a) Horses are social animals.
b) Keeping a single horse is always inhumane and will cause the horse to go nuts if alone.
c) A large majority of horses can do well as an "only horse.".
d) All of the above are false statements.

2. Which of the following can be sources of male hormones or very high levels of estrogens to mare which cause them to show stallion-like behaviors?
a) Anabolic steroids or testosterone given to fillies to enhance performance and increase muscle mass
b) Granulosa Cell Tumor
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above

3. _________ is the natural behavior for achieving access to a highly palatable limited resource, like grain, that has been inadvertently reinforced on a continuous schedule by the inevitable bailing out and giving the grain and is best trained against the behavior by a behavior modification called_________, which involves eliminating the undesirable behavior by teaching another behavior that counters it.
a) Fear-related Behavior and Counter-Conditioning
b) Food-related Aggression and Negative Reinforcement
c) Fear-related Behavior and Negative Reinforcement
d) Food-related Aggression and Counter-Conditioning

4. Which is the most likely the cause of a horse rushing out of the back of a trailer?
a) Fear
b) Hunger
c) Heat and stuffiness of a horse trailer
d) Dominance

5. Play behavior can be classified into what two main types?
a) Solitary Play and Dominance Play
b) Dominance Play and Group Play
c) Solitary Play and Group Play
d) Equine have no fun and don't appear to play.

6. According to past studies, which is best way to increase the volume of water your horse drinks in winter?
a) Provide only ice cold water to the horse.
b) Provide warm water to the horse and make sure there is not a source of cold water.
c) Provide both warm and ice cold water to the horse.
d) Provide additional electrolytes in the horses water to provide extra thirst for water.