Auscult Heart (R) Minimize
The right side of the heart is ausculted similarly to the left side. Heart sounds are not as loud on the right side compared to the left side. Murmurs involving the tricuspid valve may be heard on this side. The apex of the heart lies caudal to the elbow at the sixth intercostal space. The base of the heart lies cranial to the elbow. The tricuspid valve is located between the shoulder and elbow at the third intercostal space. The tricuspid valve is the most common site for bacterial endocarditis.

Examine the right jugular vein for filling. Distended jugular veins are abnormal and are a sign of right-sided heart failure.

Examine the prescapular lymph nodes cranial to the point of the shoulder and the prefemoral lymph nodes anterior to the stifle.

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